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Our lives are touched by transportation every day. Whether you rely on driving, walking, bicycling, riding the bus, or carpooling, transportation systems are vital to well-being. And with new options such as Uber, Lyft, bike and car share, and the development of autonomous vehicles and Rail – our state is starting to feel the gridlock.

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Interested in the getting involved and having your voice heard regarding the future of transportation? If so, we invite you to come share! DTL is hosting a focus group with participants across the island. Participants will receive a $50 grocery store gift card and free dinner.

Please email if you want to participate. There are limited spots available on a first come, first served basis.

Now more than ever, transportation has become a popular topic in Hawai‘i. Rants of sitting in hours of traffic, concerns of safety during an emergency or natural disaster with only one road in and out, and water cooler talks over the ever-popular Rail headlines. Coupled with terrible potholes and the proposal of hefty gas tax laws Hawai‘i, the talk of transportation will make anyone’s temperature gauge rise.

The State of Hawai‘i has 800,000 registered vehicles. 64% of these drivers go alone to work. For these reasons and others, Honolulu had the 19th worst traffic in the nation last year. As our population continues to grow and our space becomes more limited, how can we ensure that our transportation systems will improve to withstand our island home’s growing needs?

To help pave the path forward, the O‘ahu Metropolitan Planning Association (OahuMPO) has been charged with developing the O‘ahu Regional Transportation Plan (ORTP) 2045. This Plan will outline transportation goals, objectives, policies and projects that are eligible for Federal transportation funding. It will also lay the path for our transportation system future including one that will be multi-modal and safe for all people and all modes of transportation

The plan will also take into consideration climate change, sea level rise, flooding, the City and County of Honolulu’s energy goals, and citizen concerns.

To prioritize a system that is safe, convenient, efficient, and resilient, OahuMPO is currently seeking community input and DTL will be assisting with facilitation to conduct numerous focus groups for the each planning area to understand the transportation priorities and goals of residents, as transportation needs may vary across the island.

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