We had a feeling 2020 would be an important year, but never in our wildest dreams did we conceive we’d be faced with the challenges and opportunities in front of us today.

During this scary time of uncertainty, we’ve been encouraged to dig deeper, think outside of the box, connect while in solitude, and spread ALOHA. through our actions.

ALOHA. will keep us together. ALOHA. will inspire us to keep calm and put things into perspective. ALOHA. will give us light. ALOHA. will make us stronger when this is all over.


To share stories of ALOHA. for ourselves, our ‘ohana, our lāhui and our ‘āina, DTL is creating an #ActionsOfAloha Challenge to motivate everyone to share resources, stay connected, keep sane, have fun, and inspire collective impact to support more equity, joy, and well-being of the body, mind and spirit.

No gesture is too small or too silly. We need to spread all the ALOHA. we can right now to ensure our local businesses remain open, our communities are fed, and our kūpuna stay safe. We need to keep calm and carry on during this crazy time!

To kick-start this campaign on Prince Kūhiō Day, we want to share a few heartfelt ideas to get your heads and hearts moving forward in a positive direction.

1. Call your kūpuna and ask them to share a story from their childhood or sing their favorite mele (song). Don’t forget to record it for safekeeping.

2. Go on a walk with your ʻohana and learn more about your ahupuaʻa.

3. Create a list of your favorite local businesses and restaurants and share it with three friends or family members. By buying a gift card, or ordering takeout, we can kōkua to keep them open.

Prince Kūhiō, often called Ke Ali‘i Maka‘āinana, cared deeply for his people and is well known for his efforts to preserve and strengthen the Hawaiian people. As a delegate of the U.S. Congress, Kūhiō spearheaded the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, restored the Royal Order, and established the Hawaiian Civic Club. Despite the kaumaha Prince Kūhiō felt when the government was illegally overthrown, he continued to fight for Hawaiian independence. Similarly today, we can continue to fight with ALOHA.

ALOHA. will always win.

We hope this #ACTIONSOFALOHA Challenge will inspire you to rise above like many fearless leaders before us.

To join in on the fun, follow on IG @ActionsOfAloha.

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