Centrally located in Wahiawā, our kūpuna regarded Kūkaniloko as O‘ahu’s geographic and spiritual piko. It is rightly viewed as one of the most sacred places in Hawai‘i. Generations of ali‘i were born upon the site’s birthstones and consecrated in the presence of the highest-ranking ali‘i. It is a place steeped in their mana. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (“OHA”) is the latest in a succession of kia‘i (caretakers), and through their efforts, Kūkaniloko has been shielded from abuse, mismanagement, and neglect. DTL is part of a team whose approach to planning and engagement aligns with Hawai‘i’s unique human, environmental, and cultural landscape. The objective is develop a master plan for the 511 acre parcel, including the 5 acre buffer zone where the stones are located. The plan will continue the preservation of the stones and explore agricultural options to contribute to Hawai‘i’s food self-sufficiency.


  • Project Planning & Management
  • Cultural Research, Interpretation & Concepting
  • Entitlements & Approvals
  • Cultural Programming
  • Community Outreach
  • Communications


Office of Hawaiian Affairs

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