As part of its Ward Village Master Plan, Howard Hughes held two community meetings to discuss the planning for Kewalo Harbor. Roughly 100 community stakeholders and officials including the Hawaii Community Development Authority, Harbor tenants and fishermen, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Kamehameha Schools, environmentalists, Friends of Kewalos, surfers, University of Hawai‘i and others attended the meetings to discuss what Kewalo was, what Kewalo is, what Kewalo should be.

DTL planned, coordinated and branded the unique event. During the sessions, guests were invited to share their thoughts on blackboards that were featured at the meeting. This information, in addition to thoughts gathered during group breakout sessions, serves as design inspiration for shaping the future of Kewalo Harbor.


  • Cultural Research, Interpretation & Concepting
  • Project Branding & Graphic Design
  • Communications
  • Community Outreach


Howard Hughes Corporation


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